Two Babies

I first encountered the baby Emerson a while ago when I looked up “frightened baby” to see if a speculation of mine (derived from watching my grandson) was true: that immediately before a baby cries, he sticks out his lower lip and turns his mouth into an inverted “U”. (He did.) I had another idea about Emerson, though.

Evolutionary psychology tells us that because human babies, as well as kittens and puppies, are dependent on their mothers for so long, they have evolved to be winsome. One thing Emerson has found effective is his laugh. But this new thing his mother’s doing, blowing her nose, is scary enough to temporarily stop him cold.

What fascinated me was that I could see that, while he deployed his laugh again, he was at the same time also watching intently to see if his shtick was working. This is repeated a couple of times while he adjusts his mind to it:

I also experienced something resulting from mirror neuron activity, I think: When the baby does his banjo-eyes trick, I guessed that he was putting his senses on high alert. I also subconsciously opened my eyes wide, just like him – and noticed that my nostrils flared at the same time.

One other thing: There are so many of these crying-baby videos – often described as hilarious. What’s up with that? Is it possible that these parents get some kind of satisfaction from scaring their kids?


But here’s a new perplexity (below) that I have no hope of comprehending. It’s a current “viral video”, so I looked to see if anyone online had a plausible explanation. They did not, although many spoke with authority. I did learn a new word, “ultracrepidarianism,” which I’ll never be able to remember (and won’t try to) – it’s for people who give answers without knowing what they’re talking about!

To me, this baby is utterly beyond comprehension. Other-worldly, surreal, a mystery. Understanding demands someone almost supernaturally intuitive, I think. Maybe when she grows up she will be able to explain herself?

The baby is Mary Lynne Leroux; her mother is Amanda, her father Alain. They live in Ontario, Canada.


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  1. cathy becker says:

    I love this: The Smell of Newborn Babies Triggers the Same Reward Centers as Drugs

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