About “Thinking About Thinking”

Brain scientists call it metacognition.  If it earns its pay, it includes both introspection and “outrospection” — a “theory of mind” that contemplates both my mind and others’, and grows through reverberation between them. For me, its fruits are informed compassion and peak social intelligence, as well as an understanding of the antithesis of social intelligence, a compassion deficit I call social stupidity.  (See “Anosognosia”, downstream.)  And leave room for arrogance and self-deceit, the mortal sins of our species, Those are the essentials I hope will be addressed in the body of this section.  But we know that the sole writer of this stuff is mildly crackers, so the likelihood of his staying focused on the subject is a bit chancy.  Just the same, material in this field is growing very rapidly at the moment, and I find it fascinating.



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