One Sunday we had a little family do at our house.  Once again my beloved mother-in-law, Ruthie, had me dead to rights in a character failing – as she saw it – and pounced.  Once again, when she landed on me, I wasn’t there.  She does this over and over.  She has no feedback loop, I think.  (It might reflect:  “I’ve tried this.  Many times.  It always goes wrong.  I look dumb.  I should stop.”)  Maybe she sees it coming, but feels compelled.  I dunno.

Honesty forces me to admit that I repeatedly, deliberately, cause this to happen.  It’s my mean streak.  I do what I can.  Worse, I snicker to myself.

Soon, I had launched into my windbagging about why women on average make better managers.  I was looking around in my cluttered head for the word “egalitarian,” but couldn’t find it.  Asked Lenore what the word was that I was looking for.  She said “superior.”  Everybody laughed.  She looked smug.  Ruthie, however, was downright gleeful.  “Good one, Lenore!!”  She waited eagerly for another.  But Lenore had temporarily exhausted her quiver, apparently.

I actually didn’t mind too much because it had given her mother such satisfaction.  Score one for the distaff side.  (Her own daughter said that!  Raise high the roof beams Seymour!)  I’m just glad Ruthie hadn’t thought it up herself.  It would be, as they say, a whole new ballgame.  Less predictable.  Not as much fun.

I told Lenore she’d never been a proper helpmeat, but that I was about to teach her what the “meat” part was actually about in that word.  I googled the word today to see if I knew what it really meant, and found out I couldn’t spell it (which I’ll ignore, because the fact doesn’t suit me).  But I found this post.  I was amazed.  There actually are still people like this.  Do you suppose this guy is related to Jon Stewart?  Anyhow, he’s armed with the sword of the Lord, so I dasn’t criticize.  I showed it to Lenore, but it didn’t seem to take…

BTW, in this piece, I have no idea who Gloria Brown is.  It was Helen Gurley Brown who edited Cosmo.  Maybe an amalgam of HGB’s and Gloria Steinem’s names.  (This guy was not the highest wave at the beach…)


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